Searching for a job in North Birmingham

Erdington Job Centre

  • Look at weekly job postings on the notice boards on the ground floor.
  • There are regular job fairs at the job centres – ask your work coach for upcoming events and ask him/her to book you a place.
  • Your work coach will advise you and book you onto courses, but will not actively search for jobs for you

Job Fairs

There are large job fairs at Villa Park and at other venues of Birmingham where you can meet employers. Take a copy of your C.V. with you. 

Look on the Eventbrite website and search for ‘jobs fairs’.

The most common question we have been asked when  attending job fairs on guests’ behalf has been “What’s their English level”.  

When writing your C.V. it’s a good idea to give a self assessment of your level, for example, lower intermediate, and any experience you have using English. 

Job Searches Online

Most jobs are advertised online, but if you would like to work in a shop or cafe then you can sometimes see jobs advertised in shop windows. 

Register with the following websites and add your CV to your profile. 

Indeed is one of the most visited job websites.

Reed is another popular site.

A local government sponsored job search site

A national Government job search engine

Make a LinkedIn Profile

Most professionals have profiles on LinkedIn, which employers often search through to find potential employees.

Register with Employment Agencies

There are many employment agencies across Birmingham who can find you temporary or permanent work. Start by doing a online search for employment agencies in the areas close to where you live.  Before visiting an agency, write a C.V. and take this with you and have it ready to send electronically too. 

Here are a few of the agencies in North Birmingham:

  • First Choice Staff

Warehouse and administration

  • Midas Recruitment

Work across a wide range of sectors

  • ST Selection

Based in Sutton Coldfield, this is a specialist recruitment agency for the construction industry

  • Elite Personnel

Based in Boldmere, has a wide range of positions

  • AM2PM

Warehouse and administration

  • Aspire People

Teaching and school support

  • Adecco

Office based and administration

  • Monarch

Teaching and administration. Runs training courses for Ukrainians.

Writing a C.V. and the Interview Process

The start point in your job search is your C.V. It’s important that you have the correct format and information on your C.V. and that it is no longer than two pages.

In addition to your C.V.,  you will need to have at least two referees – people who can vouch for you. One referee should ideally be your last employer if you can contact them. The second referee can be a ‘character’ referee. This is someone who knows you well. If you have been attending our ESOL classes for a while, then we can provide you with a character reference

* We can help you write your CV or to structure it. You can also get advice through your work coach at the job centre.

Key Skills to Include on your CV

Look at the key common workplace skills below. Which do you think apply to yourself in your previous job?

  • When writing your C.V. include these key words in the section on your work experience.
  • You could write a few sentences, with bullet points, at the top of your C.V. highlighting these key skills.

Team working

 Problem Solving

Public Speaking

Time Managing

Working under pressure

Using your own initiative

Decision making


Numeracy Skills

Customer Service




Verbal Communication

Written communication


Managing people

Leading others

Project management


Building presentations

Conflict management




Crisis management

Motivating others


Working in uncertainty

Commercial Awareness

Quality assessing



Managing change


Trouble shooting



Providing feedback



Active listening







Strategy planning

Receiving feedback

Working independently


Work Shadowing

We are currently trialling placing Ukrainians into work places based on their established professions. The aim is for our guests to gain work experience and to learn industry specific English. Placements are unpaid and typically last 3 months. 

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